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LA-50 Patriot UA

The 5-seater plane LA-50 Patriot UA is made of modern composite materials. The concept of the aircraft includes the principles of easy operation, safety, reliability and using only high quality materials.

A good level of noise isolation and convenience for passengers will allow you to relax and enjoy the ride while still enjoying an aircraft’s capability to fly safely.

Features of our product:

- retractable chassis

- increased area of ​​flaps, which reduce the landing distance

- computer on-board system, eliminating possible piloting errors.

The aircraft was created by the best aircraft designers in Ukraine, which embodied unique technical solutions that made it the best in the world in its class.


Passenger transportation (pilot + passengers)

1+4(or 3)



Empty weight

380 kg

Maximum take-off weight

850 kg



Rotax 912 (Turbo IC)


Take-off power

115 hp



Maximum speed

380 km/h

Maximum range

1500 km

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