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Aerocopter AK1-3

AK1-3 Helicopter is a lightweight helicopter that has been designed and built by Aerocopter company in cooperation with Antonov, Motor-Sich and Kharkiv Aerospace University (Ukraine).

In its class Aerocopter AK1-3 has the following advantages:

excellent handling, flight stability, maneuverability, low vibration and noise due to the perfect balance of design and three-blade main rotor;

efficiency and independence of the airfield services due to the use of gasoline A-95 and small dimensions.

The AK1-3 helicopter conforms to International Airworthiness Regulations (FAR, Part 27) for normal category rotorcraft and international noise abatement regulations. The AK1-3 is certified under The State Administration of Ukraine for Aviation Safety Oversight.

Thanks to its flight characteristics, AK1-3 is selected for the basic training of pilots by Kremenchuk Flight College of National Aviation University of Ukraine.

AK1-3 is the most cost-efficient helicopter in its class.

Helicopter is sold in 17 countries.


Passenger transportation (pilot + passengers)




Empty weight

398 кг

Maximum take-off weight

650 кг



Subaru EJ-25


Take-off power

115 kW



Maximum speed

186 km/h

Maximum range

340 km




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